Alex Easton has today demanded that Council takes action to address the reduction in funding for the running of Community Houses by Council.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“The prosed reduction in funding from £2200 to £2000 per year to run the six community houses across the new Council area means one thing, the potential closure of these vital community hubs. It is impossible for Community houses to be run an £2000 per year as the running costs are far more with Electricity, rates and others costs running up to around £3000 a year. The Council need to look seriously at this proposed reduction at these vital facilities, which are far too important to loose due to such a reduction in funding by Council. The services provided for the local community are a lifeline to many within the local community and this would be a backward step if these community houses have to close due to in the scheme of things in a Council budget of millions a small amount to retain. I am calling on the Council to retain the existing budget at the very least or raise the budget to £3000 to allow the community houses to function for the good of everyone within the local community.”


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