Alex Easton MLA has congratulated and applauded the 250 years of the existence of the Millisle and Ballycopeland Presbyterian Church being in Millisle after a civic reception in the Council.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said.

This it truly amazing that the a Presbyterian church and congregation have stood in Millisle for 250 years, it is shows the true faith of the thousands of people living in and around Millisle have faithfully dedicated their lives to worship on this site for so long and is testament to those from the past and present that have kept this congregation and upkeep of the church for so long spreading the word of God and their faithfulness to the local community. Well done on reaching 250 years as a church and I would love to be a fly in the wall to see the church in another 250 years.


THE earliest account of the Presbyterian Congregation of Millisle is not to be found in the records or Minutes of any Presbytery or Synod. We do not know at what exact date the members of the Presbyterian Church in Millisle and district were “erected” into a congregation. Nor do we know what Presbytery gave permission for such an erection. The first knowledge we possess is contained in an ancient “Session Book,” which informs us that subscriptions were received by responsible persons, for the building of the Church in Millisle, in July, 1773. We also learn that the Church was built in 1773. The Register of Baptisms in connection with the Congregation records the first Baptism as taking place on the 28th day of September, 1773. The items of information thus supplied by the Session Book and by the Baptismal Register enable us to state that the Congregation was in existence in the year 1773, and it was probably erected and organized in that year, or immediately before it.