Alex Easton MLA has today called on any support the public can give to help the ASSIS animal sanctuary at Conlig as funding dry’s up due to the current Covid 19 pandemic.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“We often forget during these unprecedented and difficult times that animals also need our help which is why I came putting out an appeal to the public to see if any donations of either food items or donations to help ASSIS at Conlig, it is worrying to see that that the charity are struggling and every effort needs to be made to help were possible.”

“It is important to recognise that the volunteers for ASSIS continue to provide the best possible care for the animals in their care but at this time need that extra bit of help to provide that for the health and wellbeing of the animals in their care and will be in their care in the future.”

“I will be writing to Council, and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs to explore if there are any funding opportunities have to help with the current difficulties. I also intend to contact Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s in Bangor to also see if any animal food donations are available during this difficult period. There is currently an online appeal and the public can contact ASSIS on 02891812622 or visit their website at if they can offer any help.”