Alex Easton MLA along with his colleague Councillor Daniel Allen have collected 35 businesses names on a Petition for the removal of TNIs Loading Bays from Bridge Street and Main Street Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am pleased that 35 businesses have signed a petition calling for the loading bays to be removed from Bridge Street and Main Street in Bangor. This is affecting businesses in Main Street and Bridge Street and they have to go! I have arranged a meeting with the TNI Minister in January and I hope to present the petition from local businesses to the Minister and my colleague Councillor Daniel Allen is to present one to the Council. TNI need to start to listen to the needs of the local business community, they have created a mess that needs sorted out as local businesses and residents don’t want these loading bays which have caused havoc, and are just a scheme to make money on the back of drivers and are effecting business in the Town.”