Alex Easton MLA has this evening condemned the Easer Rising stunt by a Sinn Fein politician at the U-Boat Cannon at Ward Park Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This pathetic stunt by a Sinn Fein Politician who has taken time out to come to Bangor to place an Easter Lilly and card to remember Rodger Casement being landed in Ireland for a failed rebellion against the British state is rather immature and rather childish to say the least. What this individual felt they were gaining from coming down to Bangor where there is not even one elected Sinn Fein politician smacks of a political stunt to wind the local community up and shows no respect for the War Memorial situated in Ward Park which is there to commemorate and remember the fallen in both World Wars and who sacrificed their lives to protect our liberty and freedoms for all. This stunt does not demonstrate to me of wanting to move forward and heal the divisions of the past, but instead demonstrates a lack of maturity and is an insult to every right thinking Person.”